Does item can be used for Pediatric?
Hi, yes, our otoscope camera lens is 3.5 millimeters, perfect for kids, and the lens has temperature control feature too, closing to the human body’s temperature, care children’s ears.

Is it easy to set up?
Hi, yes, there are only 3 steps to set up, 1.Take out of the stick and open its cover.
2.Download the Bebird APP on the Google Play/ APP Store.
3.Turn on the Wi-Fi of your phone, connected and start to use.

Where to download the BEBIRD App?
You can download the Bebird apk on the Google Play/ APP Store, or through the link to download the

Phone/tablet app:

PC/Mac app: Bebird App (just for K10)

Is it compatible with my iPhone 11?
Yes, our otoscope compatible with all brand of Smartphone, Tablets, whether Android or IOS, like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi and so on, you can use it easily and anywhere.

How long the battery can be used?
Our Otoscope has the 350 mAh 3.7V lithium battery, it can be used a long time, one hour of charging provides enough battery power to last 10 days of regular daily use.

Can this be used to take pictures and record videos?
Yes, of course, our otoscope is used the 3.0 megapixels HD camera technology, so it can be taken the high clear pictures and record the 1080p FHD videos.

Is it safety when I use it to remove earwax?
Yes, our otoscope has been FDA approved, the Ear Scoop made in medical biology-grade PC + Silica Material, it is Soft and the Silicone Protective Plug can be adjusted to meet different ear adult and pediatric.


Why my M9 Pro can’t be charged?
You can rotate the charging line. Clean the base and the yellow metal plate of the product. Or you can verify with other charging line. If not, please return it for replacement.

What should I do if my ear stick was broken?
You can return it for replacement.

What should I do if the image on my phone is white?
You can return it for replacement.

What if the image is blurred?
You can check the lens for foreign matter and wipe gently with a dry cotton swab. Alcohol swab is not recommended.

My M9 Pro cannot be turn off. What should I do?
You can check if the “Shutdown” button is working properly. Or you can run out of the power and charge it again. After that, you can try turning on and off again.

The ear spoon is broken. What should I do?
You can install the new ear spoon according to the instruction in APP.

Bebird app not working?
You can turn off and search the wifi again. Or uninstall the Bebird APP and download it again. If not, please replace the phone with other brand.

The lens is sunken, what should I do?
You can return it for replacement.

I connected the WIFI of bebird ear scanner, but the light didn’t work.
You can turn off and connect it again. If not, return it for replacement.

I have a Bebird K10 but now I can’t update the app. What should I do?
Please try to uninstall the app and download it again by searching “Bebird” in Google, please remember to allow the OTG function in your phone setting. You can also follow the video to

set up the setting: How to Install the APP for Bebird K10

or download it directly by: Bebird App (just for K10)

My phone is ios14,and I can’t connect the wifi,what should I do?
Please go to your phone setting and find the “Local Network” for Bebird APP,and turn it on.

Connected to Wi-Fi,the screen displays it is connected, but when I press the “Start” button, it says “Connect beibrd WiFi bebird-XXXX” and “Please go to ‘WLAN’ setting to connect”
Please try to delete/unsave/forget the wifi “Bebird-xxxx”,then restart your bebird and try to connect the wifi again.

I installed your app, but the language is only chinese. How can I change to english or other language?
Please set your phone display language to English as default, then restart bebird again.And you can update your bebird app to the newest version, it will automatically recognize your phone system to set the language.